Since the advent of television, we have been able to enjoy iconic shows and series that have left a legacy in show business with their stories and plots. Many of these productions endure despite time, as they have earned a special place in people’s hearts and prevail as cult series, this is how the Lone Ranger, a series that narrates the adventures of this brave ranger, his Horse Silver and his faithful friend Tonto marked a before and after as a successful production with a legacy that lasts to this day.

Who was the very first Lone Ranger?

Since 1933 the adventures of the Lone Ranger had appeared on the radio, being a very popular program among listeners. But when the program made the leap to television, it had to face a great challenge: who should play the protagonist? The series producer, George Trendle, saw great potential in actor Clayton Moore, which he had shown by working in other performances such as Ghost of Zorro (1949). Moore was the first to play the Lone Ranger, becoming an immediate success and his most memorable character.

However in the third season in 1952 he was replaced by actor John Hart, but despite this he returned for the fourth season due to the admiration of the public and played the character until the fifth and final season that culminated in 1957 as well as a movie later. Despite subsequent productions with other actors over the years, Clayton Moore endures as the living representation of the Lone Ranger.

What happened to the original Lone Ranger?

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Despite the great popularity of Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger, in 1951 a sudden decision was made that surprised everyone: To replace him with actor John Hart. The reason for this replacement remains a mystery, as it is allegedly due to a contract dispute with the producers, which caused Moore to lose the role. However, the actor later claimed that he never received an explanation for this sudden replacement. Despite the fact that John Hart did a great job as the Lone Ranger, the public never accepted this replacement, so after a season and producer Jack Wrather’s purchase of the rights to the show, Moore returned as the hero, where he stayed until the end of the series.

In the eyes of the public, Clayton Moore was the authentic Lone Ranger, a legacy that he maintains to this day, because despite the fact that later films and programs with other actors playing the Lone Ranger were published, Moore continues to be remembered as the ideal character and even in later life he loved the Lone Ranger so much that it was an important part of his personality.

When did the original lone ranger come out?

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The Lone Ranger is primarily known for his iconic 1950s television series, but the truth is that this story made its radio debut in 1933, specifically on Detroit’s WXYZ. However, it would make the leap to television on September 15, 1949 at the hands of the young ABC television network, which had emerged only a year earlier. The program quickly became the first ABC hit with which it increased its popularity, so that the Lone Ranger that we can consider the “original” or its first television appearance emerged in 1949 until its last broadcast in 1957. Subsequently, new films were made, series and even video games, but nothing beats the first broadcast as the most iconic and important in the history of the Lone Ranger.

Why where there 2 different lone rangers?

Personal and legal disputes led to the emergence of 2 Lone Rangers, a problem that Moore was never really at fault for, and only suffered the consequences that cut him off the show for a season. For many it was a surprise to want to enjoy a new season and to notice that the main role was going to be played by someone different. This surprise was especially noticeable in the children, who already considered Clayton Moore the hero of their adventures.

It was believed that, being a masked character, there would be no problem with him being played by another actor, but the response from the public was clear: Moore was the true Lone Ranger. As a matter of fact, Hart had previously appeared in 2 episodes of the show as a supporting actor and despite trying his best, audiences were already used to another actor who returned a season later. This is a great example of how an actor’s charisma is important, despite being hidden behind a mask. Regardless, enjoying the original Lone Ranger series is enjoying the work of 2 great actors.

The problem of Tonto

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One of the most important characters on the show is Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s Native American companion who rescues and accompanies him on his adventures. Once the series became popular in the rest of the world, some changes had to be made for the character played by Jay Silverheels because “Tonto” in languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian means “dumb person” or “moron”, so certain changes had to be made, which is why in Spanish the character is known as “Toro” (Spanish for “bull”). Actually this name comes from the Potawatomi language, which according to the producer of the series means “wild one”.

Despite this, there was not much controversy with the name of the character and in fact in versions like the Italian the name was not even changed.

The Lone Ranger is one of the most iconic series of all time that continues to this day as a very popular cult production throughout time. Despite subsequent productions, the original one and the performance of Clayton Moore are an important part of the legacy of this iconic production, which to this day has many curiosities to know, that is why when we talk about the Lone Ranger, we also talk of one of the most memorable programs on television, which started an universe of productions.