Best known as the king of rock and roll due to his sensational singing skills, many don’t realize quite how many films he also starred in as an actor. His hardcore fans would perish the thought that anyone could have missed out!

With his first appearance on the screen back in 1956 in Love Me Tender and his signature black hair being born for the color motion picture Loving You, the world knew there was a new heartthrob that was destined to take Hollywood by storm.

Let’s go behind the scenes with the man that made us all swoon and see what it was really like filming 31 movies with the most popular performer of the 50s and 60s.

Bringing you some surprising movie facts that you would not have guessed involved the angelic features and sounds of the one and only Elvis Presley.

His likes and dislikes

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Though he may have only been cast for lovey-dovey lighthearted roles, the actor had higher hopes for his acting career. His hatred of his part in Clambake is said to have sent his emotions into overdrive as he felt he would never land a meatier role.

The actor became tired of portraying goofy characters in musicals and dreamed of becoming the next big box office draw so took on a more dramatic depiction in Wild in the Country. Things didn’t quite go to plan though as the film crashed and burned when it hit the screens.

The king of rock and roll went back to playing the dreamboat in his following movies and became known as being quite the ladies’ man. He is suspected to have had relations with all the leading ladies he worked alongside. It just goes to show how he was just as charming offscreen as he was on it.

All about the location 

One thing that we know he must have liked is filming in Hawaii. Making 3 movies there and choosing it as a location for his broadcasted live performance Aloha from Hawaii, it seems there was no place he’d rather be to get those creative juices flowing.

Whilst you’d imagine filming in such an idyllic setting would leave you looking fresh as a daisy, a tanning lamp shockingly became an essential item to fake that sun-kissed glow. Rumor has it that Elvis Presley had been enjoying his time with co-stars a little bit too much and that the late nights partying had left them all looking pasty on the set of Blue Hawaii.

If these movie facts haven’t been enough to make you want to tune in to catch his signature moves, then keep reading.

What happens on set, stays on set

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The actor was certainly a smooth mover but he got a little carried away during the dancing scenes in Jailhouse Rock which led to him spending the night in hospital after he inhaled a metal filling that had become dislodged from his tooth! We’ll call that move the chomp choke stomp.

Elvis’ manager Joe Esposito revealed the actor’s embarrassment as he got somewhat overexcited during the sensual dancing scene with actress Laurel in Girls! Girls! Girls! Turns out it wasn’t the right time to be going commando under his tight black pants.

Never one to hide his emotions (not just his erection), the king of rock and roll was known to have lost his temper when he was directed to do things that didn’t sit well with him. His co-star for Wild in the Country spoke out about the cringe-worthy moments they both struggled with whilst filming some of the most unrealistic scenes we’ve seen him in. You can’t blame the guy for wishing the movie could have been more authentic.

This being a man that arrived on set for his first ever movie with the entire script memorized… for all characters! The fact that he took his roles so seriously makes it such a shame that so many of his roles have been belittled for being foolish and unimaginative.

Don’t worry Elvis, not in our eyes.

Surprising scenes

Many of his movies had alternative names but after realization of the success of his songs, producers changed the name to match that of his music. We know you’ll agree that Love Me Tender is a bit more enticing than The Reno Brothers and that Girls! Girls! Girls! rolls off the tongue better than A Girl in Every Port.

It comes as no surprise that a man of such impressive talent would have taken inspiration from other prodigious individuals. Not only did he acquire Clark Gable’s dressing room whilst filming Jailhouse Rock, but he was also trained by boxer Mushy Callahan for his role in Kid Galahad. Talk about walking among the greats.

Of all the movie facts that may shock you, we bet you would never imagine that such a huge star could be so down to Earth. Bagging his parents parts as extras for the movie when they visited the set of Loving You and brushing it off when he went unrecognized by security at The Roosevelt Hotel when filming top pick King Creole in New Orleans.

Along with the legacy he leaves behind from his musical career, his movies have also given us some iconic takeaways. The Little Church of the West featured in Viva Las Vegas remains one of the National Historic Places where many celebrities have gotten married and the Gold Cadillac from Tickle Me now lies in the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has certainly left his mark on America!

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