You may know Grace Kelly for her elegant fashion sense or her legendary acting roles. She was not only an actress but also a royalty. In her lifetime, she dated a long list of men and was known for being easy going. The truth is, Kelly’s life was a secret, hidden from everyone. Grace Kelly’s secret life has some shocking truths behind it.

Effortless elegance

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Many people in today’s age wonder what made Grace Kelly so famous? And why do people still admire and honor her decades after her death? In the 50s, Grace Kelly was a personality men loved and women envied. Her beauty was so alluring that it was a subject of interest for people even after her death. She had luscious silver blond hair, icy blue eyes, and a clear complexion. That’s why people remember her as the ice princess of Hollywood. Many regard her as the third most beautiful woman ever.

Undeniably, she was a talented woman. Grace Kelly attended one of the most prestigious acting schools in the world. She had no connections in the Hollywood industry whatsoever. Yet, Kelly proved her mettle and made a name for herself. In her lifetime, she starred in 11 movies. A few of her most admired performances were in films ‘Dial M for Murder’ and ‘To Catch a Thief’. She also won a best-actress Oscar for her role in the movie ‘The country girl’

Apart from being a charmer and an achieving actress, people also knew her for being the princess of Monaco. Reporters named her fairytale royal wedding as the ‘wedding of the century’.

Outrageous scandals

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Among other things, many people associated with Hollywood knew her for being a hooker. According to them, Grace Kelly slept around with no care in the world. Many of her affairs were with her handsome but aged coworkers. It was because of her alleged daddy issues. Her name was often in tabloids for her scandalous love life. That is why at all times, she was embroiled in one controversy or another.

Among the list of celebrities Grace Kelly was fornicating with, included the name of actor Clark Gabel. She had to shoot a film, Mogambo, with him in Africa. Kelly implied that one of the few reasons she accepted the role was because of the actor. She later admitted that when not filming, she was sleeping with him. This beauty spared no one, not even married men.

Grace Kelly dated many of her married costars including Ray Milland. That is how she got the title of a seductress and a homewrecker. It is reported that she was also interested in men with political influence. Media reporters speculated that Grace Kelly was, at one point, involved with the political leader John F. Kennedy.

Married the man and not…

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In 1955, on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival, the actress met with the Prince of Monaco, Reiner. People say that they felt that there was chemistry between them. It was love at first sight for both of them. Eventually, Grace Kelly married Reiner of Monaco in 1956. However, unlike fairytales, her life as a princess consort was not all that magical. 

Allegedly, the prince ordered the royal servants to check the virginity status of the actress. She also had to take a fertility test to prove that she was able to bear children. In addition, she had to pay the prince millions of dollars to marry her. It also included the inheritance Grace was supposed to get. Her married life was full of great torments and agony. Many people, at that time, believed that although the prince married Grace Kelly, he did not love her. His real purpose was to extend his influence and to bring the media’s attention to his land. Reiner thought what could be a better way to do it than marrying a renowned actress. 

The actress passed away before the prince. Perhaps to prove his loyalty, the prince of Monaco did not think of marrying again. In 2005, about two decades after that fateful event, prince Reiner took his last breath. He had ruled the land for 56 years and his son, Albert, inherited the crown after his death. If his marriage with Grace was actually to bring wealth to his land, he succeeded in his purpose. Monaco had become an economic powerhouse at the time of his passing. It is now one of the most lavish city-states.

A 120-foot slope

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In the year 1982, then 52 years old actress died after getting into a car accident. The news of her death shocked the entire world. When she was driving towards the palace, her car fell off the cliff. Though the cliff was high and the car was smashed, Grace Kelly did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. For this reason, people refused to believe it when the very next day, the palace announced the death of the princess.

Her children said that the princess was not feeling well on that fateful day. She also argued with her daughter while driving. Her doctors claimed said that Kelly was suffering from high blood pressure and had a stroke when the accident happened. However, because the palace did not convey the gravity of the princess’s condition to the subjects, it resulted in people questioning the real cause of her death. They made up many believable stories and conspiracy theories to solve the mystery surrounding her demise.

Though, Grace Kelly is no more. She left behind a legacy. She had an indestructible on-screen presence. Her films and movies are watched even today. Nonetheless, her life is still surrounded by the fog of mysteries and shocking secrets.